My WV Vaca — Last Day

Yesterday was my last full day in West Virginia. I started the day with a lovely visit to Harpers Ferry National Historic Park. The park has historical exhibits as well as recreational hikes. It was interesting to revisit some of the civil war history I learned in school and see it through a different lens at this point in my life and current events. It was also very intriguing to think about the fact that I was standing in the same place as history makers. Yes, this can also be said in Florida but it’s just different.
I started my tour of the park in Lower Town taking in the historical exhibits of everyday life during the 1860’s as well as Civil War and African American history. I crossed the bridge over the Shenandoah Canal which is also an intersection of various trails including a portion of the Appalachian Trail.
After I toured Lower Town and a couple shops in downtown Harpers Ferry I hiked part of the Murphy Farm loop. It wasn’t as picturesque as other hikes but it was interesting history.
In the afternoon I ventured into downtown Charles Town. Once again my timing was impeccable as most of the shops and restaurants are closed on Mondays. However, Irish onion soup and pretzels with beer cheeses at Paddy’s Irish Pub did not disappoint, especially on such a chilly day. I still walked around the town and learned a few things, like the fact that the town was named for the brother of George Washington — Charles Washington.
Once again I drove through some neighborhoods and then visited the Food Lion to see what the area is like. One thing is for sure, the chocolate cake at Food Lion is no joke!
I called it an early night and got 10 hours of sleep! It was the perfect way to wrap up my adventure. I’m off to BWI shortly and will be back home in Dade City before supper. But don’t’ worry, just because I’ll be home doesn’t mean I’ll be cooking!
Thank you all for following along my journey. Your comments have been the encouragement I needed to write it all down so that I can revisit my adventure in the future. Time to start planning the next one!