My WV Vaca — Morgantown

Today was primarily a travel day. I intended to stop at the Trans-Allegheny Asylum but decided I wanted to make sure I got to Shepherdstown before the downtown shops closed. Part of the reason I’m on this trip is to see if West Virginia, specifically Lewisburg and Shepherdstown, is somewhere we’d like to live. So I opted to skip the touristy thing to prioritize the more everyday thing.
I stopped in Morgantown for lunch. I planned to go to Flour & Feed or Top Nine. Once again I planned my arrival just as everyone else in Morgantown was going to lunch. Since I didn’t plan a 45-minute wait for lunch into my day I grabbed a coffee and an amazing dessert at River Birch Café and headed on my way.
To get from Charleston to Shepherdstown you actually go through Maryland. Thankfully Maryland believes in scenic overlooks. Seriously, WV, why no scenic overlooks? Even with the highway below the scenery was stunning. This is pretty much what I saw the entire drive today. I did not mind one bit!
I made it over the Potomac River and into Shepherdstown with time to spare and wandered around downtown. So many cute shops and restaurants. Everyone was so friendly. And every store required masks. I picked up some popcorn at Mountaineer Popcorn Company and some goodies for the boys at Creative Procrastinations And Whimsical Necessities. It was early but since lunch consisted of that amazing brownie creation and a granola bar I was already hungry. I went in search of pizza, which was supposed to be something on the menu at Blue Moon Cafe. Um, not so much. I ordered The Gobbler — sliced turkey with bacon, thousand island dressing and provolone melted on a kaiser roll. OMG it was perfect!
I drove through a couple neighborhoods on my way to the hotel in Harpers Ferry. And I stopped at the Food Lion to see what the grocery situation is like. Definitely doable if we lived there.
Calling it an early night because I have a full day planned in Harpers Ferry tomorrow!